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I love this wine btw, having had older vintages in the past.  This one shows see-through dark purple in the glass.  The nose is ethereal- raspberries, rooibos tea, cinnamon and some oak.  The palate is very much New World.  Tart, crispy and loaded with red fruits.  The cinnamon and raspberry components are very much accentuated. There is a bit of heat from the alcohol, which I kinda like.  It’s only showing 13.5%, but I can sense its presence.  The mid palate is more earthy with some wild game and mushroom notes along with some red berries.  The finish is warm, with a raspberry reduction and charcoal note.  It’s quite long and a touch tart, making me lick my chops.  Overall this is a well made wine that is in a mid-life crisis.  It’s lost some fruit yet doesn’t quite have tertiary flavors developed fully.  I would give it another 3 years and drink from 2023-2030.  92 points and 4 stars for this $70 Pinot.  I’m pairing with Chicken Kabobs.  Salut….