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I’m concerned for this bottle.  The cork was extruded, indicating possible heat damage.  The color looks good, dark purple, opaque.  The nose is reassuring, sublime.  Classic aged Rioja.  Oaky, earthy, damson and plum reduction.  The palate shows some heat damage unfortunately and is a bit thin.

I will try my best here considering- flavors of ripe fig, blueberry and plum come at me with a noticeable amount of earthiness.  The mid palate is very much textbook- bramble, dirt, tart acidity and iodine.  The finish is decent in length but has some stewed fruits that I think are from the heat.  Nice tannins and some bracing acidity all form up at the end.  It’s a shame because it could potentially be a 92 point wine.  I paid $40 for this Tempranillo which would have made it a 5 pointer.  Salut….