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This Rosé started our third virtual wine tasting with friends.  I had everyone reserve half the bottle in another container at room temperature and the remainder in the fridge to be served chilled.  It was a gorgeous evening and all parties were on their respective patios with cheese and crackers at the ready.  We started off with the chilled version which I found to have a nice pinkish hue, good nose of strawberry, rhubarb and a touch of citrus.  The palate was very refreshing, lithe with some nice acidity exhibiting strawberry and red berry notes.  The room temperature version had a much fuller nose but was very flabby on the palate.  I enjoyed the chilled one more and would forgo some of the nose in return for that crisper body and more succinct flavor profile.  It’s an interesting experiment to try with whites and Rosès.  Overall I thought it was a nice drop which gets 87 points from me.  For $13 it’s a nice summer wine to have on hand, 3 stars.  Drink now.  Salut….