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Very pale yellow in the glass.  The nose is very floral with strong peach and apricot notes. I also get walnut shells.  On the palate this wine is very sweet- but not unctuous like a Sauternes.  It’s got a silky mouthfeel but is quite refreshing as a chilled wine.  Mango, passion fruit and peach all hit my tastebuds.  There’s a very small trace of acidity which lends body to the mid palate.  It’s a unique wine for sure- a cross between Riesling, a big Napa Chard, Gewurtztraminer and Pinot Grigio.  Each of which give either to the flavors or the unique mouthfeel.  Lychees and tropical fruits are the finish, which is decent in length on this Moscato blend.  They say to pair this with dessert- without a doubt.  It’s working as an aperitif for me though.  Unique style, interesting flavors and the ability to start or finish an evening make this a special wine.  I love this winery and think this is a bottle you should look for.  89 points and 5 stars for this $15 treat.  Salut….