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This was the last wine in tasting #9 of the Virtual Wine Tasting Company.  It’s a blend of Corvina and Rondinella with 30% of the fruit undergoing a drying process prior to vinification.  This style of winemaking is very prevalent in Amarone wines so I was intrigued to try this vino.  It’s quite dark and thick in the glass, which is what I was expecting.  On the nose it is quite horrendous IMHO.  Asphalt, baby diaper, cat box, cat pee and tea were all notes from the group. On day 2, it’s pretty much the same for me.  The palate is plummy, surprisingly light, spicy and has notes of blackberry, pepper and is a touch spicy.  On the mid palate it gets a black tea note and some dusty tannins.  The wine finishes a touch dry and has some plums eking out the funky notes for a last minute stand.  The finish lasts a good 30 seconds but is not very pleasant.  85 points from me, perhaps this bottle is not right either?  At $17, it gets 1 star.  Salut….