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Just for something different I am tasting two Rieslings from the same vintage and producer that are made in different styles- side by side. The first thing I noticed (not a huge deal BTW) was that the Dry bottle had a real cork, whereas the Semi-Dry one sported a composite cork closure. The Dry weighs in at 12% ABV versus 11% ABV for the Semi-Dry. They both look the same in the glass, a bright tone of lemon. On the nose the Dry (Call it #1) has interesting lemon, pineapple and green apple on the nose whilst #2 was more waxy with a subdued citrus bouquet and some passion fruit notes.

On the palate #1 has a light flavor profile that has a distinct honeysuckle flavor to go along with the aforementioned notes of citrus, pineapple and green apple. Good acidity makes for a rounded mouthfeel with a decent finish. Wine #2 packs a sweetness that was expected with more of a tropical fruit profile, delicious to say the least and not overly tart. The acidity is more in check with this version. Mango is a strong flavor on the mid palate alongside some melon, ripe clementines and that passion fruit note.

I like both of these wines, for different reasons and would pair each one completely differently. The Dry will go well on a hot afternoon with a shrimp cocktail, whilst the Semi Dry one gets to pair with my seasoned grilled chicken drumsticks. I think the spice rub and char will take to the medium acidity and richer tropical flavors quite nicely. I would give both 90 points and for the $20 price point they get 5 stars. Salut….