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Moxie and I were at a resort in Texas this past weekend.  Our last night was spent at the flagship restaurant where we dined on their speciality- Chicken Fried Lobster.  Choosing a wine before ordering the main course is always a bit of a challenge but I saw this label and remembered enjoying the 2014 vintage so it was a no-brainer.  Petite Sirah is my current flavor of the day varietal, I love its richness, the jammy black fruits, the medium tannins and the full body.  This bottle did not disappoint.  I took zero notes, reveling in its silky smoothness and full flavor profile.  One thing I will say about the eventual pairing:  it worked beautifully.  The wine really made the crunchy Lobster pop in my mouth.  I cannot explain it, just to say I would do it over again.  At $14 per bottle, this 91 point wine is a steal.  If ever in doubt at a restaurant, any Michael David Winery bottle will get you gratification at a fair price.  5 stars.  Salut….