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It’s not often I see a Sicilian Nero D’avola so I picked this up on spec.  It pours  a semi opaque ruby in the glass with very watery legs.  The nose has pretty florals and red currant, red plum, sage and believe it or not- red chili. There is a sweet candy note that strikes fear into me as I hate that smell/taste in a wine- let’s see if it shows up on the palate.  Yum, this is very smooth and gently tannic.  Juicy acidity and a medium body weight give it a balanced mouthfeel.  The finish is a touch short but the acidity goes on for a while making me want to drink another sip.  The flavors are all there plus black cherry.  Listed at $23 it gets 89 points from me and 3 stars.  Drink soon with pasta, sausages with peppers or spaghetti bolognese.  Salut….