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It’s Christmas Eve and the family have arrived from all over.  My little brother brought this Cabernet all the way from Cleveland, where his friend owns this winery.  It is a medium shade of ruby with thin legs showing off the 14.5% ABV.  The nose is of medium intensity and gives me black cherry, black currants, ripe pomegranate, black plum, sassafras, coconut and charred oak- very interesting!  The palate is a touch bitter at first but the astringency gives way to black and red fruits, a touch of oak influence and medium acidity.  It has a medium body and medium (-) finish.  The tannins grip again on the back end and coat my gums with a black tea component.  I think this Non-Vintage red needs a year or two in cellar to flesh out the raw tannins and let the fruit meld a bit better with the structural components.  It has promise and gets 88 points from me.  Without a vintage it would be best to mark a few bottles and lay them down.  At $25 it gets 3 stars from me- we are pairing it with Holiday Crunch (A traditional Pasta dish).  Salut….