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We had a dinner party last night and finished on this sticky, which did not go down well.  I promised myself a re-taste was in order so I reserved a glass to give it a go today.

Deep gold, nearly amber in color with shimmering legs.  The nose is almost Oloroso-like with lots of green almond.  A touch of honey, some poached apple, apricot and a hint of beeswax come through.  The nuttiness is almost overpowering.  On the palate it is sweet but not unctuous, full bodied and syrupy but lacking depth of flavor.  Medium acidity on the back end is noticed and the wine has a decently long finish.  I don’t really care for the nut profile, I was hoping for more botrytis notes.  Right now 88 points for this $50 wine, garnering 2 stars.  Next bottle coming right up………

Bottle #2- same appearance.  Less nuts, more honey, more precise and focused on rich cooked fruit and other nuances of the style.  Th palate is much better on this bottle, leading me to believe I had a slightly flawed bottle.  It still has an austere nature to it and is definitely not my style of Sauternes.  Bumping my score up to 89 points still makes it a 2 star wine.  Drink with a cheese plate, especially some Blue till 2030.  Salut….