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I’m roasting a rustic chicken so Pinot Noir is my choice of red.  This Burgundy is pale garnet, showing off its 7 years of age.  The nose gives off a decent amount of sour cherry, some mushrooms, a bit of earth, stewed strawberry and pomegranate molasses.  The palate is quite tart with sour cherry notes, that earthy funk and a hint of the strawberry.  The wine is dry but very light on the tannic structure.  They are very well integrated.  The mouthfeel shows light to medium body and it finishes with a sour twist that lasts a good long while.  I get no evidence of new oak in this wine, nor is there much complexity.  It is a basic, everyday wine that fits in nicely with my Coq dinner.  I would also pair it with lighter meat dishes, pasta with red sauce or even a stew.  88 points for this $35 effort makes it a 3 star effort to drink by 2028.  Salut….