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It’s mid-June and I need a refreshing drink.  This one is labelled as a Brut, meaning it can have up to 12 g/l of sugar.  After a bit of digging I found it runs 6.3 g/l, just slightly into the Brut category.  It shows 11.5% ABV, which is normal for a traditional method sparkling wine.  The color is medium lemon and the mousse is quite fine.  On the nose I get aromas of brioche, Meyer lemon zest, cinnamon, toast, biscuit, Mandarin orange and vanilla lollipop.  The palate is actually quite dry with delightfully fine bubbles that tickle ever so slightly.  Medium acidity creates a defining cut to the wine and the autolytic flavors I got on the nose are all present with the citrusy notes focusing more on a lemon and Meyer lemon profile with a touch of green apple.  I don’t get any vanilla or cinnamon at this stage.  The finish is medium in length and the wine is very balanced.  I have to say, this $12 sparkling wine is a stunning value that gets 89 points from me.  This 5 star effort is one to buy by the case to have handy, you never know!  I’m pairing mine with clams and pasta.  Drink now.  Salut….