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It’s not often we get all four of my kids together, but when we do it’s off for a big night out.  This adventure took us to a Brazilian Steakhouse where the waiter completely butchered the opening, serving and cork removing of this spectacular wine.  Without taking any notes I will say that for $45 you are getting a super smooth Bordeaux Blend from Chile that has very soft, integrated tannins, medium acidity, full body, a long finish and a melange of fruit, oak and tertiary aromas and flavors.  A stunning wine that went beautifully with all the different cuts of beef, pork, lamb and sausage we gorged on.  The structure of this wine makes it perfect for immediate pleasure, but I would not cellar it too long, say till 2025 for this vintage.  A real surprise and a treat. 92 points and 5 stars.  Salut….