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A deep shade of purple bordering on ruby, this potent Zin (14.9% ABV) has super slow forming legs on the walls of the glass.  The nose has medium intensity aromas of blackberry, purple licorice, coffee, star anise, super ripe raspberry (almost candy-like) and baking spice.  The palate is dry yet there is evidence off very ripe fruit- blackberry, black raspberry alongside fennel, dill and coffee.  Medium acidity and smooth, medium tannins make for a lovely mouthfeel, albeit with some heat evident.  The finish is short  in length but everything ends at the same point, no lingering acidity/tannins.  After a re-taste I get some extra licorice that I was not initially tasting- lovely stuff.  I like this $14 bottle that gets 90 points from me and 5 stars.  I would pair it with stews and hearty meat dishes, including game.  Drink till 2026.  Salut….