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Another wine from a friend…this time from Argentina.  The ‘M Blend’ immediately steered me to Malbec of some sort.  I was right, and wrong.  On the nose, classic Malbec fruitiness with blueberry and plum.  On the palate is where I got stumped.  I guessed Syrah as the blended portion, only to find out it was Bonarda.  Not as fruity as other Malbecs that I have had, it still offered an interesting twist on the varietal.  The Bonarda addition was intriguing, as was the use of oak.  This wine is slightly young and could do with another year to meld all the pieces.  Tannins were evident, as was a good acidity.  For about $20, this is a 3 star wine and possibly an 89 point effort.  I enjoyed it to a certain degree, but just not my favorite style of Malbec.  The label rocked though!

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