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I was lucky to snag 4 bottles of this delightful Pinot Noir.  With a stonking huge smoked Turkey drumstick, some roasted potatoes, beets and a dollop of Scharfer Senf (German hot mustard) I was all set to get busy with this 6 year old wine.  The pairing was near perfect.  A very pretty light purple in the glass as expected,  I had some cork crumbles that I needed to sort out.  On the nose; strawberry, cherry, pepper and oak shavings.  Unfortunately I could also whiff the 14.2% alcohol.  Never mind, the initial attack on the palate was delicious.  Typical of New World Pinot Noir, yet somewhat reserved.  Cherries Jubilee meets strawberry swirl.  Delicious undertones of white pepper and a touch of vanilla came through.  I prefer Old World Burgundian style Pinots, but every once in a while New World stuff excites me like this one.  I think it has to do with the finesse versus the new stuff with the ‘in-your-face’ fruit.

If you have read my other Pinot posts, you will know that I have a hard time discerning the tannins in this varietal.  I did notice a decent acidity that was focused.  With 6 years of age, it is drinking beautifully and I reckon it will last another 4.  Pricey at $50, you get what you pay for.  Pinot is never cheap if it is any good (think Burgundy).  It is a very finnicky grape that challenges every winemaker.  I get it…  So, I reckon it is a 91 pointer, and worthy of 4 stars.  Glad I still have 3 more and will look for a different pairing next time.  Salut….