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My grandfather once told me that The Parson’s Nose was another word for a chicken’s derriere, so when I saw this wine I just had to try it.  He also used to say Yacky Da as a toast, I think it’s Welsh for cheers.  Here’s to grandad…

This wine was a great expression of Mclaren Vale Shiraz.  Not jammy and overdone, but a more restrained offering with blueberry and black fruits showing throughout with generous oak and spice.  Medium tannins are a delight and the wine was easy to drink.  I got some very interesting mid palate flavors similar to mulled wine with cloves and cinnamon.  I really enjoyed the complexity that this very reasonable wine offered.  I paid $13 on sale and give this effort 89 points and 5 stars.  Think Osso Bucco or Sirloin on the grill.  Salut….