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I drank the 2011 Parson’s Nose a while back, enjoying it so much that I saw this vintage and had to try it.  It is inky black in the glass.  It smells of coffee, anise and plums.  It tastes of black berries, anise and espresso.  The coffee flavors are really hitting me today.  The wine has a great mouthfeel, very smooth, inviting and it hides the 14.5% alcohol very deftly. The mid palate has more berries, but now more on the blue side, with ever so slight tannins making an entrance.  They build into the finish and leave me with a nice dryness on the gums, not too much.  The whole package is really tasty, not over-extracted like so many Aussie Shiraz’s can be.  I paid $18 for it but it looks to be on sale for under $14 online.  Folks- this is a 91 point wine in my books and for that price, they may not have much left after I get done.  5 stars.  Salut….

Chapel Hill The Parson's Nose Shiraz