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The label says Limited Edition, but I think it’s just to celebrate their heritage rather than a specifically special blend.  By the time we got to this wine, we were suffering from some ‘palate fatigue’ (we were pissed, I’ll admit it).  I did enjoy this one more than I thought I would.  The Shiraz was not overdone and the Cabernet provided a healthy framework and some nice sweet tannins.  The nose of the wine was elegant with blackberry and blueberry dominating the oak influence.  The flavors on the palate included blackberry pie, cinnamon spice, some blueberry jam and tobacco.  Quite a compilation of nuances I must say.  The acid, tannins and alcohol were all in check and balanced nicely.  This really was a pleasure to drink and I am going with 89 points.  I believe my mate paid $10 for it making it a 4 star effort and a sure-fire winner.  I would serve this up with burgers, perhaps a pizza and probably a hearty pot roast.  I have tried numerous Wolf Blass wines and this one was one of the better examples from this huge winery.  Salut….