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I figured we needed a treat, so Moxie fixed up some pan seared scallops while I grilled some garlic and lemon infused Lobster tails with Chorizo on the grill.  I had one bottle of this outstanding German Riesling left and figured it had spent enough time in the cellar and needed to be unleashed.

Not being very well versed in Rieslings, I had to look a few terms up.  Auslese means ‘selected harvest’, I was in for a slightly sweeter wine of a higher quality.  Perfecto…  The label said 8.5 % alcohol, 72% residual sweetness and 88 g/l fruit acidity (no idea what that means).

In layman’s terms, I shall proceed with my basic notes-  Petrol and apricots on the nose, a lovely combination to go with the golden syrupy texture that came pouring out of the bottle.  Slightly sweet on the initial attack but with cutting acidity that was amazing.  Mid-palate is where it got very interesting with apricots, baked apple and some guava (which I have never sensed in a wine before).  The finish is long and the acidity won’t let go.  The wine became more unctuous as the night went on and it was an amazing hit with the butter drizzled lobster and seared scallops.  I had a small salad on the side but it was mainly a distraction from the three pivotal players.

This wine can be found for about $30, scores 90 with me and gets 4 points.  It won’t go with everything due to its sweeter essence, but if you like Foie Gras or perhaps a blue cheese platter this is your wine.  Salut….IMG_0906

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