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Yesterday was my birthday and Easter, so Moxie took us all out to our local Melting Pot for some Fondue.  I had a quick look at the wine list and immediately knew I was ordering this bottle.  I had previously tasted the 2008 Octagon at the vineyard and was impressed, so when I saw a $50 (at retail) bottle selling for only $72 I knew I was getting a great deal at restaurant pricing.

One word.  Stunning.  On the nose was a mixture of plums, cherries, oak and an earthy note.  Dark purple in color.  I was excited to taste this one and was not disappointed.  A classic Bordeaux blend comprising Merlot, Cab Sav, Cab Franc and Petit Verdot.  It tasted just like I imagined it would; cassis, plums, dark cherry, earth and a touch of cedary wood.  Very smooth and integrated tannins made this an amazing wine to savor and the acidity was so well integrated that I made a note ‘sublime acidity’ on my phone.  The wine did not last long as I could not help myself.  It went well with all the dishes of cheese, beef, shrimp with curry sauce and chicken cooked in Coq au Vin broth.

Yes, $50 is spendy for a bottle of wine.  Take into account the situation, the mood and what you are getting for this 92 point wine that I am giving 5 stars to.  I would recommend drinking this wine from 2014-2020, and I reckon it will evolve nicely in that time frame.  It was a magical day of Church, Brunch, afternoon nap followed by a great family dinner and this amazing wine was the crowning touch.  Salut….


The family plus a friend

The family plus a friend

Relaxing on Easter weekend by the 'pit' before s'mores got the best of them

Relaxing on Easter weekend by the ‘pit’ before s’mores got the best of them