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If you followed my last two posts you will know I went to a friend’s 50th birthday bash recently.  When we were all seated this bottle was on our table, waiting to be opened.  Our hosts had hired a private chef, waitresses and set up a whole outside sit-down dinner for 20 people.

I looked this wine up online and was pleasantly surprised.  The price is only $10, and it got a whopping 90 points from RP himself.  On the other hand, I have my own impressions.  It started out with blueberries and heat.  Lots of it.  I had to let it sit for a few minutes to blow off.  When it finally came around the blue fruits persisted with some earthiness, cherry kirsch and a touch of the wood.  Decent tannins were integrating and the juicy acidity was great. I would give this wine a cellaring life between 2014 and 2020.  We had Filet steaks with spinach and gratinated potatoes topped with scallops.  It worked for me…  At this price it’s hard to go wrong with this Spanish blend, but I am reserving points and going with 88 making it a solid 4 star wine that I may look for.  If you are throwing a party you may want to get some as well.  Salut….

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