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One of my friends brought this bottle to the party so I have no idea the price or where to get it.  My first impressions were good with a nice color to the glass and blueberries on the nose with some vanilla.  Spice box and cedar with blue fruits and plums came across on the palate which was coated in mellow tannins and sweet oak.  Decent acidity brought the whole package together for me until the back end heat showed up.  I missed the actual percentage, but it was not well integrated, which cost it a point or two.  We ate appetizers of shrimp and crab cakes, hardly the best pairing but we enjoyed the whole ambiance of the moment.  I would prefer a leg of lamb, perhaps even a grilled pork chop to go with this particular bottle.  89 points and potentially a three star wine if it goes for the $25 price I imagine it to be.  Salut….

mockingbird hill reserve sonoma