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I am always in search of the unique, the different.  This wine is one of those that I would classify as such.  Not yet available in the US market, I happen to know ‘a guy’ and got to try some.  Start with the label, which is a graphical display of the sunshine and rainfall on the property for the whole year…. who thinks this stuff up?  Brilliant.  The blend itself is quite intriguing.  85% Tempranillo co-fermented with 15% Cabernet Sauvignon from the Swan Valley in Australia.  Atypical for Tempranillo it reminds me of Burgundy in its softness, melded tannins and mouthfeel. The flavor profile is much more new world though with a nose of plums and blueberry. Carbonic maceration gives it a fruit forward approach on the initial attack much like the Gamay wines of Beaujolais. Loads of blue fruit and some gentle acidity combine with the melded tannins to give a nice mouthfeel. The back end is where I get some firmer tannins and a decent finish. 88 points from me. Aus $35, U.S. $25, 3 stars.  A treat if you can find it because it allows for the broadening of the palate.  Truly unique, it drinks well as an aperitif but would go really well with some charcuterie, perhaps some hard cheese. 2015-2018.  Salut….

corymbia wine