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I have tasted the 2010 Mothers Milk before and really enjoyed it, so much so that I have been on the lookout ever since.  Moxie and I were in New Jersey this past weekend and I took the opportunity to visit The Wine Library, a wine store I have shopped from online and have been following for some time.  They used to have a great podcast on wine tastings and they started http://cinderellawine.com.

I was super excited to revisit this wine.  On the nose- cherry and blackberry with red licorice.  On the initial attack there is raspberry coulis and black cherry juice flavors.  Really slight tannins open up after a while on the mid palate through to the finish, where I’m getting sour cherry from the acid.  Easy to drink and delightful, this wine is not complex but offers a balanced mouthfeel and hides the 14.5% alcohol beautifully.  This is an easy wine to quaff but would pair nicely with pizza, grilled lamb chops or a hearty winter stew.  89 points and 4 stars for this $13 effort.  Salut…

first drop mothers milk 2014