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No nose- I’m sitting in an airplane with a plastic cup.  The initial impression I get is of mellow plums, really nice acidity and some earthiness.  The mid palate is generous with the dark fruits and I am enjoying the very mild dryness the tannins are giving.  On second thought, it is really packed with plum flavors.  The finish is shortish but tasty.  The strength of this wine lies on the generous mid palate, which is where the flavors and technical components all seem to materialize.  Considering I am cooped up in a pressurized tube I think the winemakers have a winner here.  They have crafted something I am really enjoying.  90 points and kudos.  I paired it with pasta and meatball, courtesy of United Airlines.  For $19 this wine gets 4 stars and is widely available.  Salut….

kendall jackson merlot

The meatball and pasta