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A very purply purple, quite distinctive.  The nose is very fruity with plums, black berries and cedar shavings.  On the palate I get more black berries, but also some red currants and a vanilla bean component.  The mid palate has more of the black berries and some bracing acidity.  Tannins are very integrated and mild, when they appear on the tail end.  There is a slight bitterness to the wine that I find odd.  It’s not tannin related, which is unfortunately a distractor.  This wine is going to rock the Strip roast I am cooking in the smoker, along with some Artichokes and a tarragon mayo.  I am going with 88 points on this wine, which I paid $20 for.  A decent wine once past the bitterness.  It may just be me as it got 91-94 points from various pros.  It gets 2 stars from me unfortunately.  Salut….

paramount malbec