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It was three years ago that I reviewed the 2006 Piggott Range Syrah from Clarendon Hills.  I was blown away and am continuing to enjoy their wines.  I bought a bunch of different wines from the winery and have been watching their evolution for some time now.

This time around this wine still shows a nearly inky black color, with no signs of aging.  On the nose I get -“Oh my”.  Seriously, my first whiff was heavenly.  Thick plums, blackberry syrup and a touch of oak.  It’s making my mouth water before I have even tasted it.

On the first taste- super smooth introduction to some delightful plums, cassis and blackberry pie.  This wine is powerful, yet not jammy.  I have always said that Clarendon Hills does Aussie wines in a French style, hence the name Syrah versus  Shiraz on the label.  The latter from Downunda usually indicates a big jammy thing.  The Syrah style is more elegant, less in your face, but they can still be powerful wines- like this one.   The extraction is near perfect here with lots of fruit, but not overly done.  The mid palate is more cassis but with a touch of enticing heat popping up.  The finish is a continuation of the black fruits with a touch of tannins.  This wine is 11 years young and shows no sign of letting up.  The transformation has begun and there are tertiary flavors starting to evolve.  This wine has the backbone and structure to last a fair while, probably till 2030 in my mind.  I’m serving it up with Filet Mignons and grilled leeks plus a creamed Kale dish.  It would certainly rock a leg of lamb grilled to a pink center with a charred edge.  I think this wine has improved and I am giving it 95 points, my previous tasting being so different!  The pros range this one from 92-98, an amazing score.  It’s currently running $150, which is an astronomical price, but it is a holiday weekend and I am grilling Filets!  5 stars because this wine is just so awesome.  Salut….