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This wine was a perennial favorite many years ago.  I gravitated to reds and rarely bought it, until I saw it on sale the other day.  I’m making Sizzling Hoisin Shrimp tonight so I figured a Sauvignon Blanc would do the trick.

This wine is faint gold in color, not quite yellow, nor deep.  The nose is bright, charming and packed with citrus notes.  Grapefruit being the major player here.  The initial taste is very refreshing, quince and citrus battling it out for dominance.  The wine has a nice balance, not overly acidic yet a touch dry and offering a hint of bitterness.  I get Almond seed on the mid palate which is probably how I sense the bitterness, it is unique.  The finish is all lemon and persimmon.  I am glad I bumped into this bottle, it really is tasty while remaining relatively modest in price.  It refreshes and will go well with my dinner but I am thinking it may take on some spicy foods as well if you are in a pinch.  89 points and 4 stars for this $13 wine.  Salut….

The Sizzling Shrimp