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Yesterday was a little bit of a let down with the basic Los Vascos Cab.  This property is a well respected Rothschild winery in Chile.  As such, I opted to go back and try their Grand Reserve offering, in hopes of a better showing that suits my particular taste desires, and has higher technical components than the basic wine.

First thing I noticed was today’s Reserve wine has a real cork, versus synthetic.  A good start.  The wine is not overly dark, but a pleasant purple in the glass.  On the nose- a whole different story.  Black berries, rich mocha, fig on the nose.  The palate is more plum-like but the black fruits are still evident.  There’s a slightly obscure, astringent quality that hits right up front.  Once over that I’m settling in to the gentle mouthfeel, moderate tannins and tangy acidity.  The mid and finish are a little darker with coffee bean, black cherry and an oak tinge.  Overall, much better.  89 points and 4 stars for this $15 effort.  Grilled meat, Moussaka or even hearty pasta would pair nicely.  Drink now till 2020.  Salut….