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Really dark purple, extruded looking.  The nose is of lush ripe plums, black cherry and cinnamon stick.  On the palate I get a very smooth intro of black currant preserves, black cherry extract and the beginnings of a dose of mouth coating tannins.  The mid palate is heavy with the black fruits and tannins.  They coat the teeth, the gums.  Rooibos tea is the balancing flavor here.  Everything else is dark and brooding.  The mouthfeel is great, if you like a dry wine.  It is not overly tannic, but will most definitely get your attention.  The finish is of medium length and focuses on the black currant preserves I got at the outset.  Overall a decent drop that gets 89 points from me and would do well with hearty game, roasted meats and even Bolognese.  $15 and 3 stars.  Salut….