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Beautiful dark, nearly black in the glass.  The nose gives off blackcurrants, loads of them, and with a good swirl I also get eucalyptus as well as pine needle.  On the palate it is slightly sweet with those blackcurrants really out front.  Very gentle tannins are evident from the onset, but they quickly disappear.  There is a hint of oak, barely perceptible that adds to this somewhat one-dimensional wine.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s very tasty and easy to drink.  It transitions to the finish on the same notes I got initially, without much acidity, which troubles me.  This is a nice everyday, easygoing quaffer that you could pop-n-pour every night of the week.  Party wine for sure.  At $13 it’s not a steep price to pay for this 87 point wine that gets 3 stars from me.  Drink now with most light fair.  Salut….