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My Virtual Wine Tasting Company is a group of friends who taste wines every two weeks or so.  The goal for me is to introduce new varietals and regions to them and try to educate as best I can with my knowledge and experience.  At the #7 tasting I presented the Gamay grape.  No one realized that Beaujolais wines were made from this grape.  We discussed regular maceration versus cold maceration and finally I talked about Carbonic Maceration used to produce the Nouveau Beaujolais.  I pre-empted the tasting with a few pointers on Gamay wines- they are very low in tannins and acidity, do not generally cellar past 6 years for Cru wines and are drunk in abundance in the French Bistros.  It is a lively, very fruity wine that is extremely easy to drink.  Some can present decent complexity, most are basic wines.  I chose this Cru that has a bit of age on it and is drinking nicely now.  It was exactly what I was hoping it would be, an elegant introduction to the varietal.  Some loved it, others hated it.  Each to his own.

Gamy, cranberry, pepper, black cherry, blueberry and mocha were all mentioned by the tasters.  The wine has little tannic grip but one can sense a tinge of acidity.  Most expected a sweet wine, but I mentioned that the Gamay grape is very fruity, hence the  expectation once they sniffed.  This wine gets 89 points from me, the only detractor being it’s cellaring potential.  I really liked it and will buy more at the $22 price point.  It gets 4 stars from me.  Drink now.  Salut….