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Kicking off the 9th Virtual Wine tasting was this Greek wine.  I have never tried Assyrtiko before and was very intrigued.  As usual, we tasted both room temperature and then chilled versions of the same bottle.  The nose gave us honeysuckle, cedar, citrus, pear and rose water.  I personally found the wine to be very floral, aromatic and buttery with hints of persimmon.  The palate was honeyed with some lemon, pear, melon and pepper notes all being reported by the group.  To me it continued that floral, aromatic angle and had a touch of acidity but was also a smidge sweet.

The chilled version was much more muted on the nose and the palate.  Members noted cat pee, lemon, squash blossoms, Pez candy and florals.  I added Passion fruit to my descriptors.  It was much better at room temperature where the flavors were abundant but I did enjoy the chilled version and would certainly serve it that way with some seafood, a salad Niçoise or some charcuterie.  Overall this $16 wine is worthy of 90 points and 4 stars.  Salut….