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This wine was part of the #9 Virtual Wine tasting. I made some notes from others at the event.

It is very extruded and rich looking in the glass- a dark shade or red/purple and nearly opaque.  On the nose I sense a sweet cherry pie note with a touch of Vanilla, black licorice and coffee.  It’s very interesting, that’s for sure.  On the palate I first get black cherry concentrate, chocolate and dare I say- overripe Reb berries?  The mid palate continues the theme with more dark chocolate, Dr. Pepper, licorice.  There is a modicum of tannins and a nice dose of acidity.  The finish is dark and dry.  The wine seems to be a touch sweet and getting more so as it airs out.  It’s not my favorite style of Pinot but it did well at the tasting and for me it’s a 91 point wine.  The complexity and depth are worthy of high marks.  At $40+ it’s a pass for me, but others who enjoy the new world boldness will dig this wine.  It got higher marks from the pros BTW.  3 stars in my book.  Drink till 2029.  Salut….