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When I started the Virtual Wine Tasting Company I wanted to educate my friends as best I could about as many varietals that we could find. This was the 39th different bottle thus far, and it has taken over as the most controversial wine yet. Some loved, others hated, and I mean with a passion. It stunk, like ass. I will just copy and paste my notes:

Bright purple in glass, nearly opaque. Fine legs.

Smells like the farm, very herbal, hay and cow pies. Funky.  Burnt plastic, bell pepper.

On the palate it offers black cherry, more funk, and is smooth.  Rounded. Not overly tannic nor acidic.  Well with cheese. 

This was an over-the-top expression of Carmenere that I enjoyed to a certain degree. Moxie gave it 1 point on my tasting scale because it was visually pleasing! I tried it on night 2 and it’s as funky as ever, not everyone’s cup of tea. I would give it 88 points from a technical standpoint but I honestly cannot recommend this $21 wine, it’s too much. The pro’s went massive on it with scores ranging from 93-94! Wowsa. Salut….