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I’ve been on a Sav Blanc kick lately and this one is next in the lineup, to pair with my Korean Bulgogi tonight. I feel the sweet and spicy sauce will need a lighter style white, hence the choice.

It starts out a pale shade of gold in the glass with a nose of citrus, gooseberry and herbal tea. On the palate it is interesting- a touch heavier than I imagined with rich flavors of lemon/lime, papaya and passion fruit. The mid palate concentrates on the latter flavors with less citrus. The finish has decent acidity that keeps the wine fresh without impinging on the back of my jaw. It’s totally different than the wine I tasted earlier this week, which was a Kiwi styled wine. This bottle speaks of California sunshine and offers bright fruit flavors and a rounded mouthfeel. The finish is medium in length and tastes of fruit salad- a really nice way to end. 88 points from me with a drink by 2022 window. Optional pairing choices would be grilled Salmon, Fettucine Alfredo or even fried Chicken. For $16 it gets 4 stars from me. Salut….