Several weeks ago I bought a wine that resonates deep with me. Not made every year, the winery only uses the best juice from select years to assemble an iconic, long lived beauty. I convinced my friends Keef and Arty to purchase two bottles as well. Fast forward to the latest issue of a well known wine magazine- it was named the top wine of 2020. Imagine my surprise! That issue made me realize that I have not done a retrospective ranking of the year for quite some time. As you may know, I use a combination of points and price to come up with a Star Rating. If a wine gets 5 stars then it is a worthy contender for wine of the year. I have had the opportunity to try many delicious wines with my friends through the Virtual Wine Tasting Company. I have also been privy to my mate’s cellar, which features heavily in the top 2020 wines. Another thing I did in 2020 was join several wine clubs. Call me a snob, but I never thought someone else should be picking my wines- I was wrong. There are several clubs out there but only one will garner my business going forward. Splash Wines offered up a few interesting wines at rock bottom cost but shipped three bottles of every wine. I was not interested in volume, variety being key to expanding my palate. Next up was First Leaf which offered a decent selection but basically forced you to buy every month or else you continually had to change shipping dates. They had a mixed bag of quality with several outstanding 5 star wines alongside some 2 and 3 star efforts. I have had the most success with Naked Wines who have a higher quality selection and are more consistent. They have a different model that basically subsidizes the winemakers with upfront money ($40 per month in my case) that goes into my piggy bank. I can use it any time to select from their offerings. They have a slightly more limited selection to chose from but I have enjoyed most of their wines. If you want a $100 credit from them, use this Link.

It is difficult to narrow down such great wines but it is a fun retrospective to skim through all the entries of the past year. Here they are, with the top three heading this group of stunning wines:

Chateau d’Yquem 2010

Cade Reserve CS 2010

Chateau Musar 1998

Boisy et Delaygue 2016

La Guigasse 2015

Grand Montmirail 2017

Cos D’Estournel 2001

Xavier Vignon 2015

Cheval Des Andes 2015

Faurie Souchard 2010

Pulenta Malbec 2017

Numanthia 2015

Posted Accord 2019

Ursa Maior 2014

La Rasina 2015

Hartford Pinot 2018

Louis Latour Corton 2007

Barboursville Malvaxia 2013

DAOU 2018

Substance Cs 2018