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This is a new one for me- Vin Santo (not to be confused with Vinsanto) is a technique of drying the grapes in the rafters of a shed and pressing the dried grapes later in the season.  The must is then sealed in small barrels and left for several years to ferment, slowly, integrating with the barrel and it’s oxygen.  Mainly Trebbianno, they also add Sangiovese and Malvasia to the blend.  These small barrels are called Carati and are sealed once 70% filled, creating ample air space.  This one is now 13 years old and is medium amber colored.  The liquid slides down the glass in a watery sheen, versus the traditional legs, which imply a viscous texture is to be expected.

The nose has pronounced aromas of dried apricot, honey, walnuts, hazelnuts, orange marmalade, a touch of bread dough and cream.  The palate is medium sweet with medium acidity and full body.  Medium alcohol and a mouth coating richness make for a beautiful mouthfeel.  The flavors are pronounced- honey, dried apricot and nuts with much less bread/yeast notes.  The marmalade is less intense but adds depth.  This delicious dessert wine has a decently long finish and gets 92 points from me.  I would love some sharp cheese to pair with it and can see it aging nicely till 2030 at the least.  I paid $25 for this 5 star sticky and would do it again for the cellar.  Yummy stuff.  Salut….