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I would consider this as a deep purple colored wine that has some slow moving, thick legs in the glass.  The nose reeks of ripe, sun-drenched California Cabernet.  Blackberry, blueberry, black plum, coconut, vanilla, baking spices, eucalyptus, cassis and purple licorice.  The palate is dry with grippy tannins that I would call medium (+) in intensity.  Juicy acidity makes my jaw water and the full body on this wine coats my mouth with rich black fruit, spices and oak that is deftly worked in there.  This is a delicious wine folks.  It has an astringent yet short finish that may cost a point but this wine is very balanced overall and will pair beautifully with hearty game dishes, rich stews or a fatty cut of Ribeye on the grill.  I’m going with 92 points and would drink this $23 wine till 2030.  5 stars for this level of quality at that price.  Loving it.  Salut….