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Opaque, deep purple colored with slow moving legs (14% ABV).  The nose has aromas of dark plum, black cherry, purple licorice and a touch of smoke and coffee.  The palate is dry with medium (-) acidity and bold tannins that cover my cheeks.  Flavors of black cherry, blackberry and black plum with coffee and smoke on the back end.  There is a touch of bitterness on the finish showing perhaps some greeness in the tannins?   Full bodied with a medium finish, this is going to pair well with my grilled Tri-tip and Boerewors sausage.  Not overly complex or rich, it is tasty and easygoing wine with short term cellaring capacity.  I would drink this 87 pointer till 2025 and for $13 it’s a 4 star effort to stock up on for barbecues and parties.  Salut….