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I picked up two bottles for $18, but it really should be priced at $11 per.  The wine is  a see through light purple in the glass, commensurate with the varietal.  On the nose I am getting strawberry, cherry and pomegranate.  All three primal flavors are typical for the Pinot grape.  On the initial taste there are more cherries and some really nice strawberry candy notes.  In and amongst the mid palate flavors there lurks some tannins.  If you have read my notes for a while, you may recall that I have a hard time distinguishing tannin levels in Pinot Noir, but when I sense they are present then there must be a boatload of ’em.  This wine drinks in a dry style and is leaving the telltale sensation on my gums.  There is an acidity that comes out as sour cherry on the mid to finish that I am digging.  On my second go at this wine I got a very strong hit of rock candy on the front end, interesting.

This wine drinks very nicely and is a definite bargain for Pinot Noir.  It will do nicely with some Roast Chicken, a killer pairing with Coq Au Vin and it will ride nicely with my mother’s Steak and Kidney Pie.  (She’s very British you know…).  Drinking window is wide open from 2017-2022.  89 point and 4 stars from me.  Salut….

bringer founders estate pinot noir