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If you read my last post on the Beringer Pinot Noir you may put two and two together to figure out that this is the second bottle we bought that took the price up to $18 for 2 instead of $11 for one.  I saved the heartier wine for later, and I am glad I did.  I really enjoyed the Pinot and was hoping for a repeat performance with this Cab.  I was not disappointed.

Purple with a nose of plums, eucalyptus, black currant.  On the initial attack, more plums, chocolate powder and currants.  Medium tannins arise on the mid palate and complement the gentle acidity for a nice mouthfeel.  The finish is medium in length and offers star anise, plum ganache and black currant.  I’m going with another 89 points for the Beringer twins and give this one a thumbs up 4 stars.  Pair with steaks, pizza, pasta and drink till 2020.  Salut….

beringer founders estate cabernet sauvignon