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I have drunk a ton of La Croix Barton, the underwhelming 2008 vintage, followed by the far better 2009.  I have not seen the 2010 but found the 11 waiting for me!

A see through purple in the glass with a nose of black currant, violet and coffee.  The initial tastes are muted by the forward tannins, but I eventually get dark fruits, green pepper and plum.  Very young and hiding behind the mouth searing tannins, this wine needs decanting or aerating.

The travel aerator

The travel aerator

I ran it through the aerator and voila… nowhere near as tannic, with approachable berry fruits, some tobacco, and still some green peppers. The wine carries these primal flavors through the mid palate and onto the finish. It is somewhat one dimensional as far as flavors go, but it should evolve given a few years. I paid around $17 for it and am giving it 88 points for now. I think it may get better with some age, and I will certainly re-visit it. 3 stars. Salut….

la croix-barton 2011