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Have you ever had Ribena?  That is exactly what this blockbuster looks like in the glass.  It is a 100% Merlot from Tuscany that got huge marks from some pros. I bought in on the hype and could afford the $20 entry fee.

The nose is rich with blackberry and stone.  The initial taste is really delicious, with more black berries and plum mixing it up with gorgeous tannins and acidity.  I also get smoky mineral notes.  These flavors transcend the mid plate and meet up with dried blueberry on the finish.  The tannins are lush in this wine and give off a nice mouthfeel all the way through the finish.

I must be missing something about the 97 points given by an Italian critic, for me this is a solid wine that should get 90.  For the price paid it is a really good Merlot that I will be serving with Sunday Roast- 4 stars.  Salut.

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