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Super pale, with virtually no opacity.  The nose is neither old- nor new-world.  A mix between the two.  Classic cherry with the addition of strawberry coulis.  A hint of rose water hits me right at the end.  On the palate this wine is super smooth, with a great mouthfeel.  Tannins are just present, the acidity is finite and balancing.  The cherry flavors give way to roasted coffee and vanilla bean.  The mid palate is lush with ripe black cherries with a tannic thrust.  The fruit really comes out on the finish alongside a charred oak note.  It is intriguing, delicious and nice to drink.  I am pairing it with cherry glazed pork chops and roasted potatoes.  It would do a roasted Cornish Hen justice IMHO.  Great Fall wine to go and seek out.  91 points and 4 stars for this $40 wine.  Salut….