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As with the past seven Virtual Wine tastings, it’s difficult for me to objectively write a review and run the tasting, so I take basic notes of what others are tasting and smelling.

This Chenin Blanc kicked off the evening with us tasting it at room temperature followed by a chilled glass of the same wine.  It’s really amazing how the wine morphs when served at different temps.  The one thing that is constant is the color- in this case a light golden shade, really pretty in the glass.  The warm version gave us melon, fruity lemon, pear, citrus, stone fruit and green apple on the nose. The palate notes are ‘very fruity’, citrusy, tangerine, oakiness, lime and yellow apple.

The chilled version was a bit muted but introduced Brioche, minerality, piecrust, toast, green pepper, slightly more acidity and ‘crisp’.

Keep in mind there were 8 different bottles being served in different environments- some inside and some outside all up and down the east coast.  My overall impression was that I enjoyed the room temp glass more as it was open for business and the nose and palate were fuller.  I am going with 90 points and 5 stars for this $18 effort.  Drink  till 2024 with seafood, perhaps a grilled Salmon filet.  Salut….