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I have never seen this label before and was intrigued.  From Langhorne Creek this was the ‘original Yellow Label’ wine from Wolf(gang) Blass.  A retro offering showcasing the winery’s heritage I guess.  Nowadays, the blends from them are bottled in the Red Label series, the yellow being used for single varietals.  Nonethless, it was an interesting amalgamation of three varietals.

When I poured the wine, it was nearly blackish purple, appropriate for the grapes used.  It had a nose of candied plums and strawberry twizzlers.  My first impression was ‘tinny’.  A metallic note hit me the wrong way and I was initially put off by it.  I got black currants and plum torte after that and as the wine mellowed out, the tinny component gave way to a minerality that was quite pleasing.  Good acidity and moderate tannins made this an easy to drink aperitif.  I would give it a maximum of 4 years in the cellar and pair it with pasta and red sauce, perhaps BBQ ribs or a big juicy burger.  I’m giving 87 points and 3 stars for this interesting $14 effort.  Salut….

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