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Dark purple in the glass, very dense.  The nose sports some really delicious aromas of blueberry, spice box and some oak.  I also get a whiff of twizzlers right at the end.

On the palate the blueberry theme continues, laced with a ton of tannins that leave the gums all dry.  The wine has some juicy acidity, which is needed considering the dryness I am encountering.  The blue fruits continue onto the finish, which is quite long.  A certain floral hint hits the mid palate that melds well with the berry component.  I am digging this wine and reckon it would really do well with Ribeye and roasted sweet potato rounds.  It begs for a fatty cut to offset the tannins, which are very tightly wound and help build the backbone of this wine.  I would drink till 2024.  90 points from me, but I just looked up my order and noticed it got 95 from Decanter, that’s a big score.  I paid $20, but it was on sale from $40.  3 stars for retail pricing but a 4 star effort for the sale price!  Salut….

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