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It looks very dark and brooding in the glass, the legs barely evident- 13.5% alcohol will do that.  On the nose it is spicy with dark cherry, cola and a touch of oak.  I also notice a spice box component.  On the palate it is a bit abrupt- black cherry, green pepper, iodine and anise all greet me.  There’s a frontal wave of tannins that also hit right off the bat, quite dry and relentless.  The mid palate is more red cherry meets blackberry, with a nice acidic touch to refresh the palate.  The tannins are certainly players here, enveloping my gums and making me pucker.  The brooding nature of this wine is evident on the palate now as it finishes with crunchy black berries, that tannic grip and some toasty oak nuances.  The finish is quite long.  I was not sure what to expect from this wine, it was part of a SplashWine shipment.   I did see it for sale at $12 online and it got 83 points from one reviewer.  I would guess it’s got some Syrah, Grenache and maybe a touch of Tempranillo.  Who knows….  For me it’s decent for everyday, gets 86 points and 3 stars.  Drink till 2024 with some Jamon, a steak or pasta.  Salut….